Saturday, 26 February 2011

London Fashion Week AW/2011

This London Fashion Week has been a special one.

On Saturday a whole bunch of my mates from Central Saint Martins took to the catwalk to showcase their hard work from the Fashion MA course earning L'Oreal Awards and a whole heap of well deserved press. I'm going to their static show next week, so I'll be sure to post photos later on.

In the meantime: Here are some crappy iPhone photos (they SO don't do this collection justice!) I took at my friend Tessa's show (Tessa Edwards). I love her super cool scifi luxury wear or as i-D tweeted "idiosyncratic, brilliant collection of post-apocalyptic glamour":

My favorite looks are the last one and the transparent suit with the amazing greeny blue scarab wing encrusted (or so it looked) piece underneath. And look at those amazing shoes!! How lethal is Tessa? Gorgeous AND Talented... eeek! God help us!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


I posted about Isabella Rossellini's "Green Porno" a while back (HERE) but I was recently alerted via the guardian and Tom Houser that a selection of these works in addition to some excellent taxidermy mounts are being shown at the Natural History Museum until the 2nd of October as part of their "Sexual Nature" exhibit.

Check it out if you're in London:

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fancy a Crow?

For those of you that are London based:

Fancy a nice large plastic crow?

I have a few left over from the Selfridges window display, and you're welcome to pop round the studio and pick them up if you're interested. I've got a mix of "standing" and "flying" models to choose from.

Here's a crappy iPhone photo (sorry!) of the flying ones:

First come first serve, so get in touch via e-mail ( if you're interested!

Toadstool Lollipop Cakes v Southend-on-Sea

This weekend my dear friend Tom flew over from Belgium to celebrate his birthday with us in London.

We celebrated it in true style with a massive party boasting drinks galore (courtesy of Absolut Vodka), tons of amazing little frosted toadstools made of cake and presented like lollipops, popcorn a plenty and retro candy mania!

We even had La Roux do a DJ set!

Oh all right: so AnOther Magazine happened to be celebrating it's 10th birthday on the same night, and we maybe/kinda/sorta just went to that. But we did achieve the main goal of the night which was to ensure Tom's alcohol and sugar consumption reached diabetes inducing heights.

The following morning, Christopher decided we should take the train down to Southend-on-Sea.


I've been meaning to visit some of the UK's seedy seaside cities for a while now, and Southend on a pissy rainy day did not disappoint!

Here are some photos:

There was even an amazing junk shop that sold these:

Thursday, 10 February 2011

image: ©Jean-Francois Carly

Right now, if anybody out there has been unfortunate enough to loose an animal companion. Please do get in touch. Any animal! I wont discriminate.

---snakes are most welcome..


A reader sent me a link to this yesterday:

Apparently Grazia Magaizine believes my taxidermy (well, the crow headdress specifically) would suit Helena Bonham Carter's outfit for the Oscars.

Well chosen Grazia... I look forward to hearing from her stylists! wink wink