Monday, 27 September 2010

PARK: Taxidermy

Crow Clutch with black velvet lining and ruby eyes set in 22K gold settings and a hand cast silver metal tongue:

Crow Headdress with ruby eyes set in 22K gold settings and a hand cast silver metal tongue:

Breast Feeding Squirrel Purse with black velvet lining and working metal clasp:

Images of the Fox Stole and Fox Handbag coming soon.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bear Yoga

So, I really try to post mostly just original content on here, but at the moment I am down and out with a particularly vicious flu, so I couldn't help but to share this image from the guardian with 'yall:

Monday, 13 September 2010

Got It.

Some people have excellent taste...

SO stoked to see the beautiful Carolina (of fashion squad) looking amazing with her pigeon foot pendant!

creative splatter

Jack texted me this image on my birthday last Thursday! X


more HERE

Thursday, 9 September 2010


At long last, the world premier for both films produced by PolzerHoffstedt for RP/Encore and the PARK collection!

If you're in London, do please come down!

Forget the other fashion week parties, and come party with us!

It's sure to be an amazing time with live performance from KURTZ and a dj set from TEETH... FUCKIN AWESOME.

All are welcome, but those who RSVP at might just be in for an extra treat... just sayin...

See you there! X


Ok, so after finding the amazing dragonfly on my way to the studio, imagine my surprise when I received this from my good friend Tom. Now, I have a few incredible Toms in my life... Tom Houser (photographer and general go-to man about town), Thomas Williams (Owner of Mrs. Chips(!), RP/Encore's right hand man for getting shit done and constant provider of amazing meals)... the list goes on. The Tom I'm writing about today is Tom De Poortere: disgustingly talented womens wear designer for Belgian brand Essentiel.

Last time Tom was over for the launch of the PARK collection, we had a look through his latest work for Essentiel, and I practically died!!


I love these look book photos--- so many beautiful bits that can be dressed up or down, made edgy or feminine--- but most of all I couldn't believe the amazing GOLD TROUSERS! Cut perfectly with an amazing drape to them, Tom said he'd had trouble convincing some people at Essentiel that anyone would be ballsy enough to wear these beauts!

Well, thankfully they made the final cut, because what should I find in this thoughtful package from Mr. Man?

You guessed it... my very own pair of totally outrageous and unbelievably amazing gold trousers!!!

I am thrilled to bits. I refuse to take them off.

THEN --- Never being one to be limit his skills to mad fashion design --- Tom also included one of his famous mix cds!! Tom is also an in demand dj in Antwerp, so when he sends a mix-cd (which is something he does... personally designed cd artwork and jacket always included!) you know you're in for a treat.



Check out this amazing (not to mention MASSIVE!) dragonfly I found on my way to the studio this morning!

He looks like he was stepped on or something... maybe caught by a cat? Who knows... just thought I would share...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

squirrel in the night

Saw this little fella coming home from a film night at Lee Street Studios...


Meant to blog this ages ago... too fucking good!

Read the article HERE


Here's a photo of a Crow Foot Pendant that I had engraved for a customer the other week...

It looks so cool!

With all of the Park collection being a hand finished affair, it seems only appropriate to indulge in a bit of extra personalization in the way of a hand engraved initial... get in touch if you're placing an order and want something special on yours!