Friday, 29 January 2010


For those of you who attended the Vermin Collection Launch---

They have finally arrived!!!

That's right... The Pigeon Foot Pendants that were promised so long ago have finally materialized!

Suffice to say it took a long time to make these little fuckers,
and then they were ruined,
leaving yours truly with no other option than to learn how to metal cast from the studio, and hand finish them with my own little (and now rather broken and rough) hands.


There are only 100 of these little beauties, however not all of the people from the launch ended up claiming theirs so I'll be selling them off to anyone who might be interested!

Get in touch if you're interested:

They are cast in a beautiful lead-free pewter metal that contains sterling silver.

They are a fantastic weight,
with a hand written "RP/E" on the front
They even fit nicely on a finger!
Good for people who "fiddle" with their jewellery (like me).

Oh yeah: And they are an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN at 55 pounds!

Please Note: this price does not include international shipping.

This is how I've been wearing mine:

(pigeon foot pendant with: guinea pig foot pendant with Encore skull and hatchet charm)


For what is possibly the most in depth look at RP/Encore...
check the latest issue of Out of the Box!

(oh yeah--- it's in Italian fyi)

Thursday, 28 January 2010


This evening, Jack and I got the train down to Wandsworth to pick up a package.

This was (of course) no ordinary package.

(Panasonic was extremely confused... and started yelling at him)

Thanks to Ed and Constance for trekking this beautiful fox home for me!

God know's how they did it... he's practically as big as them...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Another image from a shoot where the accessories were styled differently to how I usually see them done! I like it...

Stylist - Bex Crofton-Atkins
Make Up - Layla Mehmedaji
Photographer - Mark Surridge

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Adaptation and Carnival of Souls

My two favorite films:

Carnival of Souls:


Monday, 18 January 2010

Lucky Week...

After a bit of a lul in the roadkill department, things have really turned around this week. First there was the notification of a small robin found by a friend in the countryside.

Then the goregeous Scarlet Winter (I've spoken of Scarli before...)
came over for dinner on Saturday with:

A Bottle of Chenin Blanc
A pint of Green and Blacks Chocolate Ice Cream
A frozen Road Killed Pigeon

Ummm... why don't all guests come bearing such thoughtful and incredible gifts?!?!

AND: I just poped out to get a coffee at my favorite cafe, when I saw this poor little beauty (above)!

Things keep going like this and I might need to get myself another deepfreezer...

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Feathers in the Snow Part 1

This is a two part post.

As most of you probably know, London has been covered in a thick blanket of snow this past week. (brrrrrrr)

With this ever so slightly apocalyptic weather has come the usual in bus/train/tube cancellations, and back breaking / bum bruising slippery sidewalks.

Out of this chaos has come some good in the way of a
beautiful collection of images from LCF MA student Amelia Phillips,
and an ever appreciated frozen pigeon from my close friend (and disgustingly tallented designer/artiste) Rob Storey.

Here's a little image of what Rob brought me today:

I think the poor dear probably froze to death... it looks like it just fell asleep.

If any of you guys are London based and see something like this (or any other roadkill etc for that matter) please do as Rob does (as well as most of my friends) and:



For every ten usable items (read: not rotten) I will gift you a work FREE OF CHARGE!

This work has previously meant a rat shield like this:

But I'm willing to work some Vermin Collection items into the deal potentially as well.

Feathers in the Snow Part 2

Here are the images from Amelia Phillips:

(Photographer: Nick Sean Aldridge)

I really love the way these images are styled--- so beautiful in the snow--- the model is such a trooper - getting down to her pants in this weather! That girl deserves a medal - I am not so brave.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Barbie does Lady Gaga



A friend just shared this with me...


Someone in Brazil (?) has made a Barbie version of all - if not most of Lady Gaga's most famous outfits. Very funny. I really love the their version of the custom rat headdress I made for the Bad Romance video--- Fab!

Here are some of my other favorites:

Dtours [paper.mag]

For My Russian Readers:
Check out the first ever edition of Dtours [paper.mag] for an interview with yours truly!

A little bit about Dtours:

We are Dtours [paper.mag] which is the first conceptual newspaper-format-edition in Russia.

We have A3 black-white newspaper format edition and it will be one issue per month.

Every issue will be dedicated to one city. The 1st is NYC.

For the first time all progressive people who works in fashion event-management, play music, have private art-collections and concept-stores, etc. will have their own guide in smart lifestyle for this day.

On one hand we write almost about upcoming brands and designers “to keep an eye on”. And in other hand we co-operate with famous and already wellknown people and companies.


I had a flip through their virtual mag here and it looks really good--- lots of interesting content etc. Pitty I can't read Russian!