Monday, 20 December 2010


So, this new year has been pretty fucking mental really. I was just about to list all of the shit that went down for me/RP/Encore in 2010, when I realized what a bragging douche-like move that would be.

Suffice to say, I have been extremely lucky this past year, and have been really fucking blessed to have such an amazing network of friends and helpers in my life! Thanks dudes! You know who you are!

Now looking ahead: here are some goals I hope to achieve this year:

- Get a USA stockist for my jewellery collection

- Expand my artistic practice

- More art, less e-mails

- More sleep, less all nighters

- Exercise (walking 2 min from home to studio doesn't count, neither does skinning a large mammal! time to get some regular cardio kicks in there before I die of bad posture and high blood pressure at the age of 24!)

- Clarify the difference between "Reid Peppard" and "RP/Encore" (Reid Peppard = artist, RP/Encore = jewellery / products designed from the offcuts of the artistic practice)--- this still often confuses me!

Right... wish me luck!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

More From Viktor Vauthier

Here are some more images of my studio taken by my friend Viktor Vauthier:

These were all taken when I had just moved into my studio, and everything was still relatively nice and clean/tidy... I'll have to have him come round and take some more photos to chart the space's development!

For even more images click HERE.

All images Ⓒ 2011 VIKTOR VAUTHIER (obvs)

Holiday Bazaar

Here's a little pic the kids at Holiday Bizaar sent over...

This is how they're displaying some of the RP/Encore Stock they're selling.
Holiday Bizaar are currently my only US stockist, so if you're still looking for a unique gift for someone... hop on over to 82 Oak St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map HERE) and scoop up something special!


Hot shit RP/Encore Look Book by the disgustingly talented Tom Houser (is there a limit to his skills? Urgh...Tom, damn you!)

L O V E it!

For more images/detail shots check out his blog HERE. And while you're there, go ahead and leave Tom a comment telling him how hot shit he is ok? Thanks.

And to have a peek at his inspiration, click HERE.

Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast just did a beautiful post about the pigeon wing headdress I sent her.

Check it out HERE.

Thanks Rumi--XX


Jesus Christ it's been an entire month since I last posted!


Even my mum called me up from Cali to bust my balls! Ha.

It's just I've been so fucking busy alright?

Whatevs... so here are some amazing clippings from the New York Times Magazine showcasing a variety of contraband shit people tried to sneak through Kennedy International Airport:

oh wait... whats that???

Oh yes, just a little bird of prey in a softsend envelope... WTF?!

For the full blurb click HERE.

Studio Shot: Viktor Vauthier

Stoked to see Viktor Vauthier posted a pic from when he visited my studio a couple months ago:

Nice one Viktor! Image © Viktor Vauthier (obvs)

Unfortunately the little mouse shown has since been broken by a careless guest, but hopefully in the new year I'll have a chance to forge his replacement.

Special Package

Just sent this bad boy off via courier yesterday, check out it's sweet ass custom made box!

Not one to ruin an X-Mas surprise, I'm afraid I can't say what's inside, but I can say it was bought by the beautiful Miss Sienna Miller. Her assistant got in touch because she was in the market for some taxidermy artwork. They were so positive and enthusiastic about my work, I even sent along a little special something (crow leg bracelet) for Miss Miller.

Thanks so much to Hynam for getting in touch!

Can't wait to hear how the gift goes down!