Thursday, 29 April 2010

RP/Encore: Rhian Pressley, Flora Cadzow, Patricija Stepanovic and Henry Mackay-Bull

So: after careful deliberation, tons of applications and quite a few interviews, I have finally narrowed it down the first batch of RP/Encore interns!

I set out only wanting one intern, but was so impressed with some of the applications that I have ended up taking on 4 instead!

All four are super amazing and do really interesting things when they're not at RP/Encore too, so I've decided to post some little blurbs about who they are, and what they do.

Check out their stuff:


This is Patricija, she is a fashion blogger (Fashion Mongers) and a really superb stylist.

She says: "I like to ride my bicycle to the market, to the park and then home. I like living on the edge."

I say check out her blog, and these photos she did the styling for:


This is Flora.

Flora is going into the first year of her degree in Fashion Womens Wear at CSM.

Flora does fantastic illustrations and clothing creations, taking particular inspiration from insects.

Here are some of her drawings:


This is Henry, he just graduated from Goldsmiths in Fine Art.

Henry re-appropriates diy materials to make these awesome sculptures:

You can check out his work here:


Meet Rhian Pressley, she's just moved to London last September after finishing a degree in Fine Art at Bath Spa University.

Rhian makes these cool large scale wall hangings using quilting techniques.

Here are some imges:

Check out her stuff here.


Aren't they a talented bunch?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Nine London: Hot

All images © Nine London

I get people borrowing stuff from the Vermin Collection
All. The. Time.

Most of the time it's the same old thing... pretty girl wearing rat looking

From my first meeting with Minna and Elliott (talent behind production company Nine London), I knew this was going to be a different kettle of fish.

These guys are so fresh and outgoing, with such crazy innovative ideas, I knew that this time I could look forward to getting some really fab photos back.

Check these bad boys out:

Loves it Loves it Loves it!

All images © NINE LONDON 2010

Accessories: RP/Encore
Photography: Barry Craske
Make up: Rhea Le Riche
Model: Ruth Seager


Bear Skin Rug at Mike's... What? You don't have one?

Just got back from my first UK Taxidermy Guild Committee meeting.

It was great getting to sit down with such a talented bunch of guys and talk about getting shit done in the world of taxidermy, and the guild in general.

This time the meeting was held at my friend (and former tutor) Mike Gadd's house. He and his lovely partner (not to mention phenominal chef) Lee were kind enough to put me up the night before the meeting, and I thought I would share a few pics from around their house... Mike left school in his mid-teens for a career in taxidermy, so he's been pumping out some amazing (not to mention award winning) work for donkey's years.

The glamour station with some work...

Sometimes there just isn't enough wall space for all your incredible mounts...

The amazing guest room, where I stayed... those antlers are almost as tall as me...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Just a little reminder... May 6th buy your ticket to the Ron Arad show, and get this amazing tea party for free!


Enough Said.

(image by merkely via

How To Spend It

If you get the chance, check out this past Saturday's Financial Times "How To Spend It" magazine, check out the main editorial bit for some new RP/Encore pieces... Rob Storey did the set design, and you can see some more images on his blog. Photos by Gisela Torres.

Monday, 19 April 2010

The Brading Collection

Here are some photos from the auction of the Brading Collection.

Most of you will have heard about the auction of waxworks and taxidermy last Tuesday. A friend and I drove down to Dorset to check everything out in person... and even put in some bids. Unfortunately, I didn't win the White Headed Vulture, or Olive-Backed Baboons that I had my eye on, but hey... maybe I'll have a chance to make my own one day...

In the mean time, here are the photos--- enjoy!

Monday, 5 April 2010


Meet Napoleon Chips, otherwise known as "Mrs", or "Mrs. Chips".

Napoleon is a 2 year old boxer cross with a cleft palate, miss-matched eyes, miss matched ears and homosexual tendencies.

Possibly the best/most special dog in the world?

I've been meaning to do a little write up on Napoleon for a while now, as he is the second most important animal in my life after Panasonic (of course).

Napoleon's owners Chris and Thomas are close friends and they are constantly helping me/RP/Encore out with setting up/ running of launches, carrying of dead pigeons etc etc... so thankfully we get to see Mrs. Chips quite a bit!

Mrs likes:

Evian (room temperature only)

Galloping like a horse

Slingshotting drool all over people and furniture

and Shaking Paws

He is very friendly and lovely so the next time you see him around say hello!


I found this little beauty on Rampart Street when Jack and I were out walking Mrs. Chips.

People often can't believe that I find rats like this around London, but let me tell you... this little guy has nothing on some of the water rats I've seen running around by the canals.