Monday, 28 November 2011



It's here! The second pop-up restaurant I'm putting on with some of my mates... FROSTBITE FOR THE CORPSE!

Here are the deets:

FROSTBITE FOR THE CORPSE will be a winter-inspired evening of festive culinary delights at Guild House in South Bermondsey.

In the derelict underbelly of South East London, Jack Frost has cast his spell on an abandoned warehouse. His touch has transformed the space into a frozen landscape, engulfing everything in a veil of ice and snow.

Enter a dark and frostbitten world of censorial enchantment for a night of seasonal celebration and a festive feast!

Guests will enjoy a three course meal of wintry delights including a main course of hearty Venison stew or bean stew if you’re a personal friend of Prancer and Vixen.

Please dress warmly, Christmas jumpers are strongly encouraged.

Tickets: £25.00 (BYOB)
(Special early-bird ticket price of £20 available for all bookings before 3rd Dec using this code: IMTHEEARLYBIRD)
Dates: Friday 9th December & Saturday 10th December
20 participants per night
Time: 7.30pm-11pm

Please visit to reserve your place.
(reservations will be on a first come, first served basis so please book asap!)

Frostbite For The Corpse is the second event in a series of experimental dining experiences.

**** JUST TO RE-ITERATE: There are only 20 seats each night so be sure to book now if you think you might be interested in coming along!! Also, if you book before Saturday you'll get £5 off!! (use the code: IAMTHEEARLYBIRD)****

See you then!

Kingdom of Style


Super duper flattered to be featured on the Kingdom of Style Blog again! Thank you Queen Michelle! ;)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rings in Action

How fab are these images of the new rings "in action"?!

Big Big thanks to Levin Haegele (photographer), Lee Street Studio (amazing East London studio), the beautiful Georgina Pragnell (hand model and incredible stylist/set designer in her own right), and Rufus (the ferocious feline).




more at RP/Encore!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

PET Collection Early Release!



Two new ring styles have been added to the RP/Encore web shop! These rings mark the beginning of RP/Encore Studio, the lighter more conceptual (and affordable!) take on RP/Encore! These pieces are inspired by the animals in each collection (not cast from them), making them the perfect addition to the RP/Encore you already have, and lots of other jewellery too.



Inspired by the beautiful and delicate nature of the canary bone, these thin rings are hand made in our studio just like everything else, but they stand apart from our usual offerings in that they:

-start at only £35 each!
-come plated in BLACK GOLD and RED GOLD (£55) in addition to the usual yellow gold and silver options
-are laser engraved with their halmark on the outside of the ring, certifying that each ring is made from solid sterling silver.
-come in super tiny sizes so you can wear them on your upper fingers!


COLLAR RING (above):

Taking inspiration from dog & cat collars and leads, this ring is the perfect answer to all these over the knuckle rings that are everywhere right now. Also, it can be worn a couple different ways, with either sterling silver or 9ct gold chain connecting the two bands.

ALL IMAGES ©Levin Haegele 2011 and shot at Lee Street Studio

Friday, 11 November 2011


I thought I posted these ages ago, but it doesn't look like I did!

One of my all time favorite ad campaigns:





I think it's Undercover SS11... can't seem to find it again on the net!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Harper's Bazzar China

I don't know who this beautiful woman is in October's Harper's Bazaar China, but she's wearing the crow tongue bracelet in gold, as well as the crow talon pendant, so she's a woman with taste!

Harper's Bazaar RP/Encore



RP/Encore Harper's Bazaar China

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Unemployment Works

Check out my mate Grace's awesome illustrations:



Press: Twin Magazine

Trying to catch up on all the bits and pieces I should have posted months ago!!

This is a fun clipping from Twin Magazine:

Click HERE to read the rest of the interview! Big thanks to Dorrell for coming round!

Portrait: Alexandra Shah

Continuing on with a new portrait of me me me me me:

Some of you might remember Alexandra's work from the Park Collection (Here). For this portrait, Alexandra chose to focus on the "making"/craft element of my work. Check out her blog for more images from my studio!


Today's inspiration post is dedicated to a fellow California State native, Miss Sandy Hartness of Yucca Valley's very own "Sandy Paws Pet Grooming Shop".

Many of you will already be familiar with Miss Hartness' fine grooming of her pet poodle "Cindy", but for those of you who are not: enjoy!




("Ninja Turtle-Leonardoodle")



Check out the rest of Sandy's grooming masterpieces on the Sandy Paws website (HERE)