Friday, 28 May 2010

MR. Quacky Needs a Home!!!

You might remember this fine "cartoon happy happy" shield from back in February when it was part of a three-part comission.

After months of back and forth with Fish and Wildlife in the USA
(resulting in my patron paying for a permit that wasn't quite right etc etc)
I had to make a new work that wasn't restricted by some ridiculous permit system (migratory bird permit for a fucking MALARD?!?!) and keep Monsieur Quack over here with me in London.

What a pain.

On the positive end of things though, it means that anyone based in the EU can purchase this fine mount without having to worry about the usual 3-6month wait!

Interested? This little guy will set you back 625 GBP and is worth every penny.

Get in touch via e-mail for more photos and details:

Please note: I will not send this fella outside of the EU!


Another amazing trailer sent my way.. this time from Karin of PolzerHofstedt... soooooo goood!

art in action...

Check out how this incredible Belgian fashion designer showcased his Reid Peppard Taxidermy Shield! I love seeing how people hang and present fine art/art objects in their home.

Soooo cool!

RP/Encore ♥ Viktor Vauthier

both photos: viktor vauthier

So excited to see the pigeon foot pendant on the Viktor Vauthier blog!

The beautiful woman wearing the pendant is Ella Viktor's girlfriend--- isn't she stunning?!?!

Loves it.

Friday, 21 May 2010

the ever elusive corpse...

Now: I love a sunny day as much as the next person, however it has to be said that beautiful weather is an absolute BITCH for scooping up roadkill.

Why? Because it bakes and rots animals that would otherwise be perfect for taxidermy!

Look at this beautiful fox my friend Scarlet found today:


So sad...

And this beautiful little mouse...

*shaking fist at sky*

damn you summer!

O. M. G.

So lately things have been CRAZY busy getting shit together for the launch of the new collection!

So much to get done, and so much of it is going to be a surprise for you guys, so haven't been very good about the 'ole blog-a-roo, but I thought I would share this incredible trailer that Fritz of PolzerHofstedt sent me... FUCKING LOVE IT!

My family has always had black cats: Sigfried, Sinbad, Sylvie, Simon... the list goes on (my mother will only name cats names that start with the letter "S")...

Any case, I don't think Fritz knew this when he sent it my way... it was probably just as a titbit of inspiration for the upcoming short films PolzerHofstedt are shooting for the next collection!!!

Pretty exciting... I know... We're going to have a proper screening and everything: I'll update with exact dates as and when I know them...

Friday, 14 May 2010

Pre-Collection Beauty

These are images of a Raven I skinned. Soon this phenomenal creature will be given a second life as a beautiful ruby eyed headdress in my next collection (Park).

Thursday, 13 May 2010

I Got Me An Upgrade...

In honour of the new collection...

This squirrel leg has stepped in to replace my
tired little guinea pig leg...

Monday, 10 May 2010

Barbican Photos Take 2:

A lovely image from the Barbican Event Courtesy of Yifei Shu.

Photos From the Barbican

Thanks so much to those of you who made it over to the Barbican on Thursday!

We ha
d a fun time amongst the floating confections, and outrageous headware and hope you did too!

For those of you who weren't able to make it over, here are some images courtesy of Patricija.

Check out her blog for more images!

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Come on over to the Barbican from 6 until 10 for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and a chance to see my rat headdresses in person!

There will be many a floating meringue and huggable muffin courtesy of concept chef Caroline Hobkinson, so come early to ensure your fill of edible delights!

Book your tickets to the Ron Arad show now, (or pick them up when you get there) and come in for free!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Road Kill V Park Kill

This past week has been a blockbuster in the animal department...

People are often surprised to hear that almost all my critters come from the streets of London.

This past week however, I've found a crazy number of animals dead in parks/ under the A12 on the pedestrian walkway!

This poor raven was ravaged beyond recognition on a park footpath ...

The following two Pigeons were found within days of one another in the exact spots (withing 10 foot radius) under the A12.

I found this one rather disturbing, as it is in perfect condition, just missing it's head!

This one was flawless:

And then this little fella was right outside my house this morning, being picked to bits by a giant raven!

Louisa Stephen

I've spoken a lot about my Aunt Louisa, and the strong influence she's had on the development of my work.

At long last she's posted some of her incredible work online for all to see!

Check out her blog here, and I'll let you know when her proper website is up too!