Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Green Porno

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen this, but I had to share just in case...

For some reason my blog set up crops the right hand side of it--- make it full screen to see it as it should be.

Find more here:

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Some fab images sent over from Adam at Fashion 156:

RP/Encore: White Rat Headdress + Pigeon Wing Necklace w/ Skull

photography / nicole maria winkler
styling / adam winder
hair and make up / sunanda mesquita
model / georgiana @ elite

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spread the Word!

(This could be you!... erm kind of)

Spread the word--- RP/Encore is moving to their new premises in Hackney Wick, and I am in desperate need of interns!

Successful applicants will gain experience in working on cast items (as well as some other very exciting top secret projects), working with clients, and helping to plan for the fast approaching RP/Encore Launch in May!

Please note: This will be an unpaid internship, and the intern will not be doing any taxidermy, but having a strong stomach is still recommended.

Send over your CV and cover letter to

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cool Shit

I bought these cards when I visited Necromance in Los Angeles... they are colour photos of insects with the corresponding x-rays--- they look so cool!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Taxidermy Guild Conference

I finally made it to this year's Taxidermy Guild Conference held in Derbyshire.

In past years there has been confusion over my official address, and I've always missed the annual conference because they would send all the info to California, and I wouldn't hear about it weeks or sometimes months after the fact.

Thankfully this year I made sure they had my UK address, and I was able to make it over!

It was incredible--- I learned so much, and met so many fantastic people.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much I found myself getting voted onto the Guild Committee by the end of my trip... what an honour!

Here's an image of the work that won "best in show" by Steve Newcombe:

And one of my personal favorites (and winner of the best bird mount) by Mike Gadd:

For better images see the Guild website... these images are just from my iPhone so they're a bit crap.

NEW: Encore Skulls

Here are the newest members of the "cast" collection.

I call them the "Encore Skulls"
(because... you guessed it! They have an "E" for "Encore" on the back of them)

Hand cast and finished out of the same Lead-Free Pewtre with Silver that I used on the Pigeon Foot Pendant... now is your chance to
be one of the first to purchase one of these little beauties!

They've got a great weight to them, and go very well with *ahem* the Pigeon Foot Pendant on a chain or keychain, or whatever you fancy really...

Here's an image of them (l-r: back, front and side views) next to a 2p coin for scale:

They cost £45 each (not inc shipping) and they are worth every penny!
(or... "pence"? hmmm confusing...)

Get in touch if you would like to purchase one:

New York Times Men's Style Magazine

(image from: NYTimes blog)

For those of you who get the New York Times...

If you haven't thrown out your copy of the Men's Style Magazine that was sent out on March 14th take a flip through for a little blurb on RP/Encore!

It'll be the page with an image of the rat head bowtie...

If you don't get the NY Times then you can also check it out on their blog...

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles I hung out with my friend Jackie... she's this mega tallented fashion designer I know from my days at CSM. We're both "Cali born an' bred" but it was our first time with overlaping time in SoCal, so we had fun hitting up some galleries and (of course) Venice Beach Boardwalk... loves it! Unfortunatly I did not document our excursions...

I did however, follow the advice of Carlos and Trina (thanks so much for getting in touch guys!) and meandered over to the Museum of Jurasic Technology (a must if you're ever in Los Angeles!) as well as Necromance (lots of really cool stuff--- like the Bone Room in Oakland)on Melrose Ave.

Whenever I'm in town I make a point of hitting up the Farmer's Market for the very best doughnuts in the entire world.

Yes. You heard me. They are that good.
The cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts alone are what make life worth living.

Highlight of the trip? Going up Runyan Park for panoramic views of Los Angeles (surprisingly clear day), heading over to the Farmer's Market for a slice at Deano's, and coffee & doughnuts from Bob's... finishing the day with a quick trip to MOCA and the La Brea Tar Pits.

SF to Santa Clarita

I started off in San Francisco, to see my parents before heading down to Lake Hughes to visit my Aunt (and constant source of inspiration) Louisa Stephen (she should have a blog/website up and running soon--- in which case I’ll link from here--- you’ll love her work).

Here are some images from the AMAZING "Antiques Barn" near her house.

I want to avoid having too many "holiday snaps" on the blog but checkout my flickr profile if you want to see more random images...


The morning after my arrival in San Francisco I spilled Chinese food over the keyboard of my computer, there-by rendering me computerless during my time abroad.


Thankfully my trusty camera never failed me, and I’ll be catching you up-to-date in the following posts now.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any good shots of road kill, as I was usually the one driving, and driving + taking pictures at the same time = not so good an idea (surprisingly).