Sunday, 31 May 2009

More Work

Small Rat Skin Ring

Assorted 24K Plated Gold Backed Pins

Pigeon Wing Pendant w/Sterling Silver Chain and Skull

Pigeon Wing & Leather Headband


L said...

how utterly beautiful! I wish I could buy the pigeon wing necklace for myself. It's really, really great that there are people like you out there who aren't afraid to stand behind a different point of view :)It's also particularly interesting that you have chosen mice and pigeons as well, considering how people tend to have a lot of (often unfounded?) hate of mice, in particular. Great work! look forward to seeing more!

d-ho said...

I wondered, do you sell these pieces from a particular site? Do you have a price list?

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

the head band would make me fly

Anonymous said...

You are really pretty sick..

Anonymous said...

A very interesting use of dead animals I hadn't even considered.

Also as a practical person I'm *very* impressed with the panache these have been completed with.

Anyway congratulations on an excellent job, and true works of art - I imagine you will have a few orders, despite being a very much niche product!

Clair Wolfe said...

Really original, I love the cuff links.

aly said...

Nothing says classy like wearing dead animals.

ohmygodtea said...

Wow. The pigeon wing headband is utterly beautiful. I rather not think about the price..

Very brave idea though - I guess there was a lot of bad propaganda against this.