Monday, 31 August 2009

V is for VIKTOR

Photo: ©2009 Viktor Vauthier
Model: Alexandra Polk

Currently working like a crazy person, trying to get everything ready for the launch, so not much posting going on... but I couldn't contain my excitement when I was given the opportunity to collaborate on some images with the tallented and esteemed Viktor Vauthier!

This guy has been getting some well deserved press for a while now, so I was super lucky to be able to grab a few hours of his time on Saturday.

He only shoots in film, and doesn't photoshop, so his work has a beautiful grain and texture to it that simply doesn't happen with digital media. Working out of East End London just like moi, I hope to have many more collaborative projects with him in the future!

Check out his blog at:

The stun-er model used is Alexandra Polk--- doesn't she look amazing!?!

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