Sunday, 22 August 2010

Taste of Bitter Love

My favorite cafe in London hands down is Taste of Bitter Love on Hackney Road.

Besides serving up the VERY BEST coffee in London, the owners Bill and Flick whip up amazing sandwiches soups and salads with some of the most heavenly home-made cakes I've ever tasted. YUM!!

Yes, my love and devotion to Taste of Bitter Love is such that not only are Flick and Bill very close friends of mine (and Jack's) but... they have recently incorporated a little bit of RP/Encore into a recent mural by other TOBL lover and artist Oskar Johanson!

Can you spot the little nod to RP/Encore in this image??

Love love love! Thanks TOBL! XXX

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Tika said...

i like this one.