Monday, 20 December 2010


So, this new year has been pretty fucking mental really. I was just about to list all of the shit that went down for me/RP/Encore in 2010, when I realized what a bragging douche-like move that would be.

Suffice to say, I have been extremely lucky this past year, and have been really fucking blessed to have such an amazing network of friends and helpers in my life! Thanks dudes! You know who you are!

Now looking ahead: here are some goals I hope to achieve this year:

- Get a USA stockist for my jewellery collection

- Expand my artistic practice

- More art, less e-mails

- More sleep, less all nighters

- Exercise (walking 2 min from home to studio doesn't count, neither does skinning a large mammal! time to get some regular cardio kicks in there before I die of bad posture and high blood pressure at the age of 24!)

- Clarify the difference between "Reid Peppard" and "RP/Encore" (Reid Peppard = artist, RP/Encore = jewellery / products designed from the offcuts of the artistic practice)--- this still often confuses me!

Right... wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

your fox bag is amongst the photos on the first page ;)


Reid Peppard said...

cheers Patricija! XR