Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Los Angeles Natural History Museum

Last Friday I went to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum to take a peek at their taxidermy dioramas.


I used to love the diorama halls when I was a kid. They were so magical... like little portholes into these fascinating animal worlds.

Though I think a few of the cases could do with a spot of dusting and maintenance I must admit they are still pretty striking.


I love all of the little details they include in each display...


It was "First Fridays" when I was there so unfortunately I wasn't able to see everything (due to some talks and musical performances that were being held in certain wings) but I was able to get some good shots around the museum which you can access via my flickr account.



Lamia said...

Go to the hunting and fishing museum in Munich... the range and detail of the taxidermy was amazing...

Dianne said...