Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dinosaurs and Freak Taxidermy

I've been restoring some work I made a while back.

I'm not usually one for "taxidermy freaks". I tend to find that concept (and often execution) all a bit easy/amateur. That said, I still have a bit of a soft spot for these guys... perhaps because of the obvious/cartoon like head/body switch. These were some of my first sculptures involving taxidermy before I learned how to do it myself, so perhaps it's sentimental in that way too.

At the time I was interested in the idea of birds being the closest living ancestors of dinosaurs. I liked the idea of some crazy scientist dude trying to bring dinosaurs back to life by using birds. In this case, the bird used was an edwardian grouse with a decorated mount.

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polka dot said...

Oh Reid these are BRILLIANT!! So these are your earlier works? Another thing I've never heard anyone else say: it totally caught my imagination, the idea that birds are living dinosaurs. I equated them to Japanese cars: the idea that in order to survive, they adapted by downsizing: consuming less fuel, just getting smaller and smaller.