Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Meet the judges for the Polyvore Competition:

Distortom: Haunted/designer/music/obsessed/bringer/of/noise


George Lewin: Set Designer

Up-and-coming set designer/jigsaw bearing beauty

Robert Storey: Set Designer


Tom Houser: Photographer/Graphic Designer


This is my first time as a judge so for inspiration I tried to channel Cheryl Cole.
Unfortunately I failed to be cheryl-like in some areas.
Alas I don't have a semi-successful music career, so instead I have had to study advertising. I have a fondness for photography/graphics/type and helped RP/Encore with the copy, design and photography for the last collection PARK.
Cheryl didn't study art at Saint Martins with Reid and I, which was a pity.
I don't date footballers or beat up toilet attendants.

Cheryl and I both like chinese food and really apart from the above we are indistinguishable.

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