Tuesday, 15 November 2011

PET Collection Early Release!



Two new ring styles have been added to the RP/Encore web shop! These rings mark the beginning of RP/Encore Studio, the lighter more conceptual (and affordable!) take on RP/Encore! These pieces are inspired by the animals in each collection (not cast from them), making them the perfect addition to the RP/Encore you already have, and lots of other jewellery too.



Inspired by the beautiful and delicate nature of the canary bone, these thin rings are hand made in our studio just like everything else, but they stand apart from our usual offerings in that they:

-start at only £35 each!
-come plated in BLACK GOLD and RED GOLD (£55) in addition to the usual yellow gold and silver options
-are laser engraved with their halmark on the outside of the ring, certifying that each ring is made from solid sterling silver.
-come in super tiny sizes so you can wear them on your upper fingers!


COLLAR RING (above):

Taking inspiration from dog & cat collars and leads, this ring is the perfect answer to all these over the knuckle rings that are everywhere right now. Also, it can be worn a couple different ways, with either sterling silver or 9ct gold chain connecting the two bands.

ALL IMAGES ©Levin Haegele 2011 and shot at Lee Street Studio


Lolo said...

I love the thin rings! Defo gonna have to treat myself on payday.

Beautiful Misc said...

Im in love with them how do I buy? the link to the web site page is not working?


Reid Peppard said...

Hey Beautiful Misc!

Thanks so much for posting! I'm so sorry but my website crashed! It will be up and running on Monday!! So sorry for the inconvenience!!

Thanks again for getting in touch!!xx