Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I am lucky enough to have been included in a number of jewellery and artwork books due out in the next year or so. The first of which was very kindly sent over by it's publisher Gestalten... here's a sneak peek!


Preface Excerpt:

"A Girl's Best Friends presents a survey of new works within the world of contemporary studio jewellery, which is a rapidly evolving multifaceted field. Also known in the English language as artistic/artisanal/auteurist jewelry---or simply contemporary jewelry---studio jewelry may be understood as a certain approach to the craft, a practice that unites skilled craftsmanship with individual vision. Contemporary studio jewelry pushes boundaries, engaging in direct or implicit dialogue with the history, value, and use of adornment and its relation to the body. It is treasured more for its concept and originality than for the market value of its materials."


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