Monday, 26 January 2009

"Jumble Sale"... or is it?

The art of the Jumble Sale:

Often conjuring up images of beheaded, bedraggled barbie-dolls and chipped china/glassware, it might surprise some to hear that I will be showcasing some of my priceless works at the upcoming Bethnal Green Working Man's Club LOVE-A-FAYRE Jumble Sale on the 8th of February.

Offering it's self as a showcase for new and established artists and designers, the LOVE-A-FAYRE Jumble Sale is a different breed of beast. Working as an opportunity for creatives to present their work outside of the boundaries of "shops" "jewelers" and "galleries"; LOVE-A-FAYRE Jumble Sale aims to create a neutral viewing space, where the inhabitants of the jumble are given full creative licence over how they label/categorize (or if they label/categorize) the things they put on show.

My current works being some sort of fine art/sculpture/performance/taxidermy/jewellery/accessorie hybrid, this concept suits me very well.

Sound good? Come along for the fun.

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