Monday, 26 January 2009

Solo Show

This February I will be exhibiting in The Bunker Gallery's surprising and uncanny "Barbershop Space".

Located at 24 Caledonian Road, (Kings Cross, London) this space acts as an unexpected art venue exclusively for artists associated with The Bunker Gallery.

Spawned from my exploration of numerological theories and codes specific to the site, my rather scattered course of research brought me to the following poem by T.S.Eliot:

It is from this poem that I will base my installation. Chosen through an elaborate maze of number games and chance, this poem brings to question many things that I believe are relevant to the every day passer-by. Born and raised in the United States, T.S.Eliot was living in London when he published this poem (under Prufrock and Other Observations, 1917), a coincidence that seems all too appropriate for this work.

Stay tuned for more information (and images) on this work.

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