Sunday, 27 September 2009

Images From The Launch

All images: Anastasia Afonina

For those of you who weren't able to make it to the launch on the 17th, here are some images from the event!

I think the event went really well, and I have a whole slew of people to thank for that. Over the course of the night, friends kept on asking if my calm and collected exterior was covering up a more crazed and anxious interior, but the truth of the matter was, that the crew of people who volunteered to help in the build up to the launch, and during the launch were so amazing, I really wasn't stressed at all!

So here it is, a quick little thank you to some incredibly kind and generous people who really made the RP/Encore Vermin Collection Launch such a success:

Christopher and Thomas: From lifting 2ton plinths down three floors, to finding us an incredible showroom, and dragging 50 odd goody-bags down to fashion street--- re-connecting with these two has been one of the biggest gifts of the past month.

Alex Shaw: Alex has literally sustained physical injuries for the RP/Encore cause... for those of you who received the beautiful bound and sealed paper invitations to the event, Alex was my partner in both sealing and hand delivering these beauties all around London in the pouring rain!

Anastasia Afonina: Anastasia was a saving grace---she came through and helped with all of the last minute design execution and press pack organization. She also took all of the images shown above!

Amber Oxley: There is no way the exhibit would have come out half spectacular as it did without her help. She has a fantastic way with material (no surprise as she is such a fabulous fashion designer) and her help leading up to the show was absloutely invaluable.

Mr. Chips: Deserves his very own post (to follow). WWMCD?

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