Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

There's some really fab fashion in Lady Gaga's latest music video "Bad Romance". Lots of beautiful McQueen stuff, and even some... RP/Encore!

I was approached by Gaga's people to make some work especially for the video a while back, but they requested I keep it quiet until the video was released to the public which was last night...

check it out:

Paying special attention to 4:25 and the very end... If you look closely you can see my creations on Lady Gaga's head!

Thanks to Nicola Formichetti and Ana Trevelyan for getting in touch.

I will post some high res pics if and when i get some.


Patricia said...

My dear Reid,
could you pls let me have some photos of the piece in order to feature them on FASHION? Also if possible to tell us something more about the piece - the process of creation, how long it takes... all the details you want to share.
I'll be impatiently waiting.Thanks a lot in advance!!!
Patricia (

Sarah Hauser said...

Dear Ms. Peppard,

I've been a fan for a while and when I read this post I was beyond excited! The music video is amazing, but there is also a behind the scenes video on youtube where you can view some more great shots of your work.

Reid Peppard said...

Thank you so much Sarah!

There are some really great shots of Gaga wearing the rat--- I'll have to re post with some screen captures!


XXX Reid

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

That is totally amazing! The video is incredible too. Congratulations! x

Meaghan said...

i noticed those pieces immediately..i love that video, wonderful job!

Sean said...

So, it tooks like the video link went down. This link seems to work, I guess it's tied in with activity of something called Vevo, now:

Having taken this as a good opportunity for an introduction to the style of Ms. Lady Gaga, I guess that 2010 might mark the final mergance of the surreal and ultra-real ... around. I'd recommend, to the reader, to watch out for melting clocks, at the stroke of the zero hour, and Escher-esque traffic lines rupturing the normalcy of the freeway.

Congratulations on the feature, truly x-real.


- the infamous pram pusher