Saturday, 9 January 2010

Feathers in the Snow Part 1

This is a two part post.

As most of you probably know, London has been covered in a thick blanket of snow this past week. (brrrrrrr)

With this ever so slightly apocalyptic weather has come the usual in bus/train/tube cancellations, and back breaking / bum bruising slippery sidewalks.

Out of this chaos has come some good in the way of a
beautiful collection of images from LCF MA student Amelia Phillips,
and an ever appreciated frozen pigeon from my close friend (and disgustingly tallented designer/artiste) Rob Storey.

Here's a little image of what Rob brought me today:

I think the poor dear probably froze to death... it looks like it just fell asleep.

If any of you guys are London based and see something like this (or any other roadkill etc for that matter) please do as Rob does (as well as most of my friends) and:



For every ten usable items (read: not rotten) I will gift you a work FREE OF CHARGE!

This work has previously meant a rat shield like this:

But I'm willing to work some Vermin Collection items into the deal potentially as well.


ashley.readings said...

i desperately wish i was near you! i would love to collect dead things for you.

One day i'll save enough of my pennies to just buy one! You're work is fantastic.

Reid Peppard said...

Thanks Ashley -

If only more people in London felt the same way! I'm desperate for a few pigeons I tell you...

thanks for the kind words! X

Robert Storey said...

ah lovely you. he was a beauty wasn't he!