Friday, 8 January 2010

Dtours [paper.mag]

For My Russian Readers:
Check out the first ever edition of Dtours [paper.mag] for an interview with yours truly!

A little bit about Dtours:

We are Dtours [paper.mag] which is the first conceptual newspaper-format-edition in Russia.

We have A3 black-white newspaper format edition and it will be one issue per month.

Every issue will be dedicated to one city. The 1st is NYC.

For the first time all progressive people who works in fashion event-management, play music, have private art-collections and concept-stores, etc. will have their own guide in smart lifestyle for this day.

On one hand we write almost about upcoming brands and designers “to keep an eye on”. And in other hand we co-operate with famous and already wellknown people and companies.


I had a flip through their virtual mag here and it looks really good--- lots of interesting content etc. Pitty I can't read Russian!

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