Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mad Hatting


(Bookworm bookshelf by Ron Arad - Produced by Kartell, Image from:

I was approached by Vanessa Carlos to exhibit some of my taxidermy headpieces as part of the Ron Arad exhibit at the Barbican a while back...

They are putting on a fantastic "Mad Hatters Tea Party" to celebrate Arad's obsession with hats. This will be held in the Garden Room, and will showcase my headpieces as well as a range of magnificent culinary delights by concept chef Caroline Hobkinson.

Now, I don't know if any of you guys made it to the Viktor & Rolf exhibit events... but the doll themed tea party they threw for that was A-MAZING. Tons of cake and tea and incredible costumes, and and... and from the sounds of it this will be of an equally high standard--- especially seeing as Vanessa put that one on as well!

So here's the plan:
Snatch up your craziest/favorite hat, skip over any time during the day and see the Ron Arad exhibit. At 6:30pm, hop on over to the Garden Room for a peek at some "unbelievable taxidermy head wear" (the Barbican's words not mine...) and to sample some incredible canap├ęs. Stay for another look at Arad's work and wind down the remainder of the night (until 10pm) at the Tom Foulsham and Valentin Vodev designed mobile Absolute Vodka bar!

Did I mention tickets to all the above fun and games are FREE with a ticket to the Ron Arad show?

So no excuses! See you there with your best hat(s) on!

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Thankyou for the mention reidus - and we shall do photomography soon jah?