Tuesday, 23 March 2010

NEW: Encore Skulls

Here are the newest members of the "cast" collection.

I call them the "Encore Skulls"
(because... you guessed it! They have an "E" for "Encore" on the back of them)

Hand cast and finished out of the same Lead-Free Pewtre with Silver that I used on the Pigeon Foot Pendant... now is your chance to
be one of the first to purchase one of these little beauties!

They've got a great weight to them, and go very well with *ahem* the Pigeon Foot Pendant on a chain or keychain, or whatever you fancy really...

Here's an image of them (l-r: back, front and side views) next to a 2p coin for scale:

They cost £45 each (not inc shipping) and they are worth every penny!
(or... "pence"? hmmm confusing...)

Get in touch if you would like to purchase one: info@rpencore.com

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