Monday, 26 April 2010


Bear Skin Rug at Mike's... What? You don't have one?

Just got back from my first UK Taxidermy Guild Committee meeting.

It was great getting to sit down with such a talented bunch of guys and talk about getting shit done in the world of taxidermy, and the guild in general.

This time the meeting was held at my friend (and former tutor) Mike Gadd's house. He and his lovely partner (not to mention phenominal chef) Lee were kind enough to put me up the night before the meeting, and I thought I would share a few pics from around their house... Mike left school in his mid-teens for a career in taxidermy, so he's been pumping out some amazing (not to mention award winning) work for donkey's years.

The glamour station with some work...

Sometimes there just isn't enough wall space for all your incredible mounts...

The amazing guest room, where I stayed... those antlers are almost as tall as me...

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