Monday, 5 April 2010


Meet Napoleon Chips, otherwise known as "Mrs", or "Mrs. Chips".

Napoleon is a 2 year old boxer cross with a cleft palate, miss-matched eyes, miss matched ears and homosexual tendencies.

Possibly the best/most special dog in the world?

I've been meaning to do a little write up on Napoleon for a while now, as he is the second most important animal in my life after Panasonic (of course).

Napoleon's owners Chris and Thomas are close friends and they are constantly helping me/RP/Encore out with setting up/ running of launches, carrying of dead pigeons etc etc... so thankfully we get to see Mrs. Chips quite a bit!

Mrs likes:

Evian (room temperature only)

Galloping like a horse

Slingshotting drool all over people and furniture

and Shaking Paws

He is very friendly and lovely so the next time you see him around say hello!

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