Thursday, 15 July 2010

bike geek


Probs shouldn't be admitting this, but I am defo partial to bit of bike geeky-ness.

Jack's been riding fixed since they first started trickling in to London and I've been riding fixed since about 4 years ago and though I've never bought into the full "fixie lifestyle" or whatever, I do enjoy riding my bike and I can defo appreciate a beautiful bicycle.

SO: Yesterday when I was getting some *exciting* stuff in Hatton Garden I stopped by the Rapha Pop-up shop for a coffee. It was really cool getting to see John and Jackie, and I fucking loved the downstairs exhibit of vintage racing bikes from the past 110 years!!!

Check out this racer from 1900:

If you have a chance to stop by I highly recommend it... lovely coffee, (amazing chocolate chip cookies!) and some really beautiful old bikes and if you're a proper roadie: all the bike mags and rapha paraphernalia you could ever desire! (did I mention they're live streaming the tour?)

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