Thursday, 15 July 2010


Check out this crazy-ass squirrel my friend Kiff found for me yesterday!

This is how he found it... it must have fallen from a tree.

Really beautiful coat--- I've never seen anything like it before.


Eden said...

Hey! I found you guys courtesy of a link posted from another blog. I wonder: do you do displays of your work in any particular places in London? I'd be interested in seeing your stuff. It's a very edgy take on accessories, bizarre yet intriguing. I'm interested to know more about your label and to see more stuff! :-)

k said...

yeah kinda unreal?!!?

I linked to your blog in a post today :)

Di said...

He is beautiful.

I found a pigeon the other day and was going to bag it for you. Then I realised it was 32 degrees or whatever and said pigeon was... more maggot than pigeon. Lament. I did try! xx