Thursday, 5 January 2012


A design for a "killer" shoe that didn't end up going through to production, but I thought I would share anyways...



Two Headed Viper Shoe with a Dagger Heel

This shoe takes it's inspiration from mythology and the history of the stiletto heel.

I wanted to design a shoe that would encapsulate the ultimate power femme pump. The sharp metal "dagger" heel gives the shoes a dangerous edge, while the two headed serpent that stretches it's self around the dagger and wearer acts as a sensual, yet formidable guardian. In Medieval times a stiletto dagger was the weapon of choice for knights and paupers alike. This dagger gave the stiletto heel it's name, so I thought it more than appropriate to accentuate this in my design. In Egyptian mythology the guardian of the underworld was a god named Nehebkau, who had two serpent heads. They believed that Nehebkau had the power to protect against snake bites, and invoke magical spells both in life, and the after life. I like the idea of these two headed snakes acting as mystical guardians for who so ever dares to wear these killer heels.

Any cobblers out there want to do a collaboration? I basically want to wear these shoes...and they don't exist yet!

And no shoe post would be complete with out the wise words of Kelly:


Charlotte Clarke said...

Ohhh wow, if you ever get the opportunity to start designing shoes or clothing PLEASE let me know; would be ridiculously cool!

Sanatha said...

Hi Reid !

Is your website still up ? Don't know if it's my system but everytime I want to access your online shop, it leads me to your blog here.
And I NEED and WANT to order your rings so please, drop me a line here if you have time to tell me where the problem comes from.


Reid Peppard said...

Hey Samantha!

Thanks so much for posting! I'm so sorry but my website crashed! It will be up and running on Monday!! So sorry for the inconvenience!!

Thanks again for getting in touch!!xx

Sanatha said...

Hi again, Reid !

I just saw your new post so, everything's great ! Thank you for keeping us posted and can't wait to make some shopping with you.

PS : My name is SANATHA not, SAMANTHA... I wish people didn't confuse them all the time... :'(

Reid Peppard said...

AK! SO SORRY SANATHA!!! People misspell my name all the time too! If it's any consolation my little sister's name is Samantha which is probably why I messed that up(!!) still no excuse!! so so so so sorry!!! :( :(

Thanks so much again for your interest!!

PS--- the web shop is up and running now! :)

Sanatha said...

So glad your website is finally running again !
Well, actually, it's sweet to be named after your sister - even by mistake, it's still adorable.