Friday, 21 May 2010

O. M. G.

So lately things have been CRAZY busy getting shit together for the launch of the new collection!

So much to get done, and so much of it is going to be a surprise for you guys, so haven't been very good about the 'ole blog-a-roo, but I thought I would share this incredible trailer that Fritz of PolzerHofstedt sent me... FUCKING LOVE IT!

My family has always had black cats: Sigfried, Sinbad, Sylvie, Simon... the list goes on (my mother will only name cats names that start with the letter "S")...

Any case, I don't think Fritz knew this when he sent it my way... it was probably just as a titbit of inspiration for the upcoming short films PolzerHofstedt are shooting for the next collection!!!

Pretty exciting... I know... We're going to have a proper screening and everything: I'll update with exact dates as and when I know them...

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