Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Road Kill V Park Kill

This past week has been a blockbuster in the animal department...

People are often surprised to hear that almost all my critters come from the streets of London.

This past week however, I've found a crazy number of animals dead in parks/ under the A12 on the pedestrian walkway!

This poor raven was ravaged beyond recognition on a park footpath ...

The following two Pigeons were found within days of one another in the exact spots (withing 10 foot radius) under the A12.

I found this one rather disturbing, as it is in perfect condition, just missing it's head!

This one was flawless:

And then this little fella was right outside my house this morning, being picked to bits by a giant raven!

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Dianne said...

I found a perfect pigeon in Paris [say that ten times fast!] last week, stood over it for about ten minutes trying to work out how I could get it back into the UK for you then gave up and just took a photo instead. Le sigh..