Friday, 28 May 2010

MR. Quacky Needs a Home!!!

You might remember this fine "cartoon happy happy" shield from back in February when it was part of a three-part comission.

After months of back and forth with Fish and Wildlife in the USA
(resulting in my patron paying for a permit that wasn't quite right etc etc)
I had to make a new work that wasn't restricted by some ridiculous permit system (migratory bird permit for a fucking MALARD?!?!) and keep Monsieur Quack over here with me in London.

What a pain.

On the positive end of things though, it means that anyone based in the EU can purchase this fine mount without having to worry about the usual 3-6month wait!

Interested? This little guy will set you back 625 GBP and is worth every penny.

Get in touch via e-mail for more photos and details:

Please note: I will not send this fella outside of the EU!

1 comment:

anastasia said...

haha, it look's a bit like Goofy from distance ;D