Sunday, 14 November 2010


Some hot shit documentation of my fox pieces:

FOX STOLE: Found in Homerton London
This is a rather large fox that sits around your shoulders, with it's face/teeth pressing into your neck/face. His teeth are hand cast in pewter with silver, with a latex flesh like tongue and large pear cut faceted London Blue Topaz eyes set in 18ct gold settings.

FOX HANDBAG: Found in the Essex Countryside
This much smaller fox has been fashioned into a black velvet lined, and metal clasped handbag. He also has pewter and silver teeth, with large pear cut faceted Swiss Blue Topaz eyes set in 18ct gold settings. This work can be held either by it's conjoined feet/legs or by the heavy weight double sterling silver chain straps attached to it's middle. His mouth also acts as a "secret pocket" and can be pressed shut, or remain open as pictured.

All photography by the ever talented and wonderful TOM HOUSER.


kendal croix. said...

these are fantastic. Slightly creepy.. but mostly amazing.

Alexandra said...

i've just found your work now and i am blown the fuck away. i think that your pieces are incredibly beautiful and thought provoking. i love that you work with animals that have already died and i love even more that you don't disguise their form, or 'tone it down' to make the pieces more 'tasteful'. as a vegan, i'm opposed to the use of animals for textiles. the main reason for this is because the global population has exploded to such a level that it is simply not environmentally sustainable to farm animals for such means. in addition, in an attempt to exploit the massive global demands, the market for animal derived textiles has grown out of control and in many cases cannot be/isn't monitored or controlled which results in the maltreatment and exploitation of animals and people and the creation of an ignorant end-user that dissociates animal products from the animal.

basically what i'm trying to say is that, when your pieces make people uncomfortable, it's a re-education. your pieces are an elegant paradox to the leather shoes that so many wear on their feet every day.

thank you!

Atenea said...

I think is beautiful!!!!!!!
When I saw this piece by first time I have thought "¿was the fox found dead or he was killed to did the bag?" but now I have found the dead fox photo so...I'm clear to say that I love your work!

(sorry from my english, i'm from Spain)