Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Wapping Project Masked Ball

Some photos by Tom Houser from The Wapping Project's masked ball a couple weeks ago to celebrate Wapping's 10 year aniversary.

The night was incredible... Ten of us attended, all of us wearing "Zoro Masks" and decked out in my taxidermy creations. I created two new pieces specially for the night, one of which can be seen on Billie bellow. All in all, it was a really fab night... great costumes, phenominal food and an excellent time all round.
Rob wearing the crow headdress.
Billie Temple wearing one of the two new works I made especially for the night. More inages to come shortly.


Dina said...

What you do is overwhelming.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Amy said...

omg I am in love. overwhelming and yet amazing!! words can't explain - but thankyou!


Cordelia said...

I love your accessories! I feel like this stuff is up my alley. That'd be cool if you had a raven headpiece/headband. The pigeon one is soo rad! I will hopefully own one myself. someday.