Thursday, 4 November 2010


As of yesterday my work has been on display at BLOW PR for their press days.
image: Jennifer Inglis

Though I'm not on BLOW's books as one of their "BLOW PRESENTS" designers (this might change, but they would be taking on my jewellery only), this is a great opportunity to get some constructive criticism off press and buyers, and to see if BLOW is the right PR company for my rather unique precious metal jewellery.

I've never participated in one of these things before, so it will be interesting seeing what comes out of it.

Something that has already reached me via twitter is an excellent post from the Style Crusader blogger/tweeter which you can read HERE. I think Style Crusader does an excellent job of expressing her impression of my work, and how her opinions developed from her initial "put off" moving gradually into intrigue. She also has some excellent images from the showroom. Worth a click for sure.

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polka dot said...

Hi Reid, just found you via your excellent comment on my friend Jen's blog. I didn't realise - I've heard of you. I wrote a reallllly long comment last night guessing about 'the artist's' intentions and your comment inspired me to write even more.

I admire what you're doing.

As for whether Blow is the right PR company for you, I can only go from the stories of people I've met (my blog is a pretty decent size, I've got a lot of friends in the general industry) - this is only my opinion, based on my experience and those of others who have told me first hand THEIR experience with some of the staff - it's not a healthy place. I'll just leave it at that.

You can and deserve much better representation, I feel.

Would love to do some shoots sometime with your work, if you'd like to talk further I can be reached thru my blog: or

- a new fan